Draggin Knee/Elbow Armour

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Draggin Knee/Elbow Armour

  • Impact protection
  • Adjustable and breathable
  • Easy to adhere with Velcro
  • Velcro provided
  • Sold as a Pair
  • 19cm wide x 27cm in length


  • Storage: Hang garment in a dry, ventilated environment, out of sunlight and away from direct heat sources. Do not leave on the floor or under heavy items - it may lead to the protectors becoming misshapen, ripped or damaged in some way.
  • Cleaning: If it is necessary to remove protectors in order to clean the outer garment you should ensure that the protectors are correctly refitted. Each protector carries an indelibly marketed label stating protector type and position. The protectors may be cleaned with a cool damp cloth.
  • Maintenance: Regular inspection (at least annually) should be made to the impact protection and fitting system for obvious signs of wear or broken stitches. If either is found, the garment or protectors should be returned for professional inspection and repair. If the impact protectors are worn or damaged or there is any doubt as to the condition they should be replaced immediately. It is advised that the protectors are replaced every 5 years regardless of condition. If the protectors have at any time received an impact they should be replaced immediately.


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